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    20x Super Enhancer for PCR


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 20x Super Enhancer for PCR


 0,5 ml


SUPER ENHANCER is a special concentrated additive for use in reactions involving a DNA polymerase, such as PCR, DNA sequencing and a reverse-transcription reaction.
SUPER ENHANCER provides an efficient PCR-amplification of "difficult" templates and a dramatic improvement of reaction specificity.
SUPER ENHANCER is more efficient in PCR than conventional PCR enhancers such as DMSO and Betaine.
Concentrated SUPER ENHANCER is recommended for use with any DNA polymerases as a 10x – 20x additive, in other words the addition of 1/20 - 1/10 v/v of SUPER ENHANCER to reaction mixture provides a dramatic improvement of DNA polymerase reaction specificity and yield.
The advantages of SUPER ENHANCER can be especially revealed at the PCR-amplification of "difficult" templates such as GC-rich DNA sequences or templates with complex structure.

20xSuperEnhacer PCR results


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