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    Tth inorganic pyrophosphatase


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 Tth inorganic pyrophosphatase


 100 u


 Tth inorganic pyrophosphatase


 250 u


 Tth inorganic pyrophosphatase


 500 u


 Tth inorganic pyrophosphatase


 1000 u


 Tth inorganic pyrophosphatase


 5000 u


Native, thermostable Tth inorganic pyrophosphatase (pyrophosphate phosphohydrolase: E.C. is purified from Thermus thermophilus and is a hydrolase. Tth inorganic pyrophosphatase catalyses the conversion of inorganic pyrophosphate to orthophosphate in reactions, where pyrophosphate is accumulated, like DNA synthesis and amplification.Tth inorganic pyrophosphatase provides enhanced polymerisation by removing inhibitive pyrophosphates in reactions.


  • Enhanced DNA The addition of Tth inorganic pyrophosphatase greatly enhances amplification amplification reactions and provides superior results. The PCR is inhibited by the presence of pyrophosphate even at very low concentrations.This inhibition may be prevented by introducing Tth pyrophosphatase, capable of removing contaminating pyrophosphate, to the reaction mixture. The addition of 1 unit Tth inorganic pyrophosphatase to 10 units of thermostable DNA polymerase (BioTherm™, SubTherm™ or KlenTherm™) may double the level of PCR amplification.
  • Long fragments Tth inorganic pyrophosphatase enables longer DNA fragments to be processed successfully.
  • DNA Sequencing Tth inorganic pyrophosphatase is recommended for high-temperature cycle sequencing with thermostable DNA polymerases (BioTherm™ or KlenTherm™).
  • In vitro mutagenesis Tth inorganic pyrophosphatase provides increased fidelity.

5 units/µl

One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme which is required to convert 1 µmole of pyrophosphate into 2 µmoles of orthophosphate in one minute at 75°C under the following conditions: 1 mM K4P2O7,2 mM MgCl2 , 50 mM Tris-HCl pH 9.0 (at 75°C).

Store at -20°C in a constant temperature freezer.

ATP-ase and P-Klen are not detectable.

KlenThermase™ DNA polymerase


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